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I find it absolutely hilarious how the people who comment positively under the tweets of the grifter-in-chief all seem to be promoting some kind of gift themselves, be it a merch store, a supplement, or a podcast.

It's grifters all the way down

It beautifully mirrors the fact that his closest allies are themselves only part of the journey because of some large-scale grift of their own -- Manafort, Giuliani, etc

Grifters all the way up

You could call it the Trump scale:

☑️ Trump supporters on Twitter: small-time grift (knock off merch, disinfo podcasts...)

☑️ Close Trump allies: big-time grift (influence peddling, money laundering...)

☑️ Trump: the biggest grift, believe me

Related: mid-level Trumpers (e.g. the founder of "Students for Trump") turn out to be mid-level grifters ($46k scam) 

There's always a grift, it comes with the territory

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