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Commissioner Mike Gelin just made the most powerful & emotional statement in response to the Mayor's motion to censure him.

Now, the public are speaking & clearly not one White person listening heard him, cause these comments are something else. 

As soon as I have a video copy of the statement, I will post it here.

Some amazing testimony now from Black residents of Tamarac. Pastors and community leaders and young Black men who have been wrongfully arrested by police.

Wow. Gentleman just said 236 people have been shot and killed by Broward County law enforcement in the last 20 years and not one has ever been indicted. I am not sure if that statistic is correct. But wow.

This is amazing because now a number of people are getting up and saying how Commissioner Gelin has given them the courage to tell their own stories. One man says sorry he is nervous, but he wants to tell the mayor it was wrong to criticize Commissioner Gelin.

He feels confident enough to say it to her face. This is awesome. And another young man talks about spending half his life in prison.

Oh JFC now we go back to the White people and dude still doesn't get it. "I understand your trauma, but this was the wrong time place and time."

Next White guy (who says full disclosure he ran against Commissioner Gelin and lost) says he watched the cell phone video of Gelin's arrest and couldn't see he did anything wrong.

But then he watched it with a co-worker and he saw it. (I mean really.)

That's when he says he saw that Commissioner Gelin did not stand down when the deputy told him to. Dude says, sorry Mike, but that's what I saw.

Please watch the cell phone video, because that is NOT what it shows. Dude is a sore loser.

I wish I was able to splice these tweets with the footage because really the comments are too much.

Oh this was interesting: apparently, Sheriff's Deputy Gallardo has transferred out of Tamarac because Commissioner Gelin's comments made him feel "unwelcome."

So after all of that the Mayor withdrew the motion. Not because she didn't think it was appropriate, but in the spirit of moving forward. Someone vote this Mayor out of office. She's terrible.

You know what I hate, when a White person in authority lectures a Black person about how everything they did was wrong, but then decides not to formally sanction them and says, let's move on, it's a teachable moment. Like they're doing some sort of damn favor.

The reason she withdrew the motion to censure is because she didn't have the numbers to carry it and now she can pretend she won when she didn't. Please.

And even if she had the numbers, pass the damn motion. She knows it would have provoked so much outrage and @MikeG4Tamarac would have garnered so much national attention than he already has - I mean this must be killing her.

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