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I wrote this nearly 2 1/2 years ago, and, while some of it now seems hopelessly naive, and some of the predictions were off, a lot of it could be about the last month or week.

The shocking thing is that anyone is still going along with any of this. 

The failure of attempting to divide EU27 repeated over and over again.

The insults hurled at the very people we need onside if this is not to be a total catastrophe.

The deliberate breeding of resentment and mistrust.

The continued child-like adherence to the fairy tale that the threat of No Deal will lead the EU27 to crumble.

The total disregard for trust.

The gaslighting of our own population that No Deal is better than a bad deal.

Total misunderstanding of the EU27 and its positions, and misjudgement about what what they mean for UKGov’s positions.

And from that, outlandish proposals that would never be accepted, and which were calibrated entirely for domestic consumption, not serious negotiation.

I was wrong that May didn’t want a deal, but the incompatible and unachievable objectives and red lines she chose, and ‘No Deal is better than a bad deal’ meant EU27 always had some doubts that she did.

Now they know Johnson doesn’t, so what’s the point?

And finally, I agreed with @J_amesp at the time that a staged walk-out by the UK was likely. We both got it wrong that May would do this, yet, here we are, watching a staged walk-out (that’s what it is) in progress by her successor.

Over 3 years of burning time, money, reputation, goodwill, relationships & credibility.

Over 3 years of fucking with people’s lives, of gambling with their futures, of failing to adress a single one of their problems.

Nothing achieved. Nothing learned. Nothing but harm done.7/7

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