Seth Abramson @SethAbramson @Newsweek columnist. Analyses @BBC. NYT bestselling author of Proof of Conspiracy ( Next: Citizen Journalist (Macmillan). Professor. Attorney. Oct. 08, 2019 1 min read

It's a reasonable bet the White House shredders have been working day and night as the House dithers about using courts to enforce its subpoenas for documents. The mistake Democrats have consistently made is in saying—but not really *understanding*—they're dealing with criminals.

PS/ And as for digital records, there's already an *enormous* amount of evidence (see PROOF OF CONSPIRACY) that Trump's agents, aides, allies, and associates have been systematically deleting all their emails, texts, and other relevant communications for many, *many* months now.

PS2/ In the history of federal criminal investigations, there's *never* been such systematic obstruction of justice, destruction of evidence and consciousness of guilt as we've seen in the Trump-Russia probe—including, now, its Trump-Ukraine facets. We're all in uncharted waters.

PS3/ Some days the only thing I take solace in is this: many years from now—when the key players in this sad saga have passed on—the stories that will come out about what Trump was doing during this era are going to shock not just the historians of that time but 500 years hence.

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