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Very short thread

I have a bias. Whenever I talk about my bias I evoke anger and pushback (so I'll just tweet this and then go back to work😉)

I don't like jails, prisons, or punishment.
I don't believe deterrence works.

Call me a dreamer: My ideal society has no jails. . .

1/ . . or prisons except for the rare person who can't stop committing crimes, and even then I prefer a locked hospital ward (with a sentence related to the offenses and not a diagnosis)

Before you get too angry at me, read:

Jailing people. . .

2/ . . . jailing political leaders can backfire.

Did you change your mind about bus desegregation because Rosa Parks was arrested?
Did you change your mind about equal rights when MLK, Jr. was jailed?

I expect the Internet to explode with Inherent Contempt . . .

3/ . . . and throw them all in jail.

The goal right now is to build an impeachment / removal case against Donald Trump.

We don't need Sondland's testimony for that.

We can draw the conclusion from his refusal to testify that there was wrongdoing and coverup. . . .

4/ . . . I expect lots of Trump's pals to end up in jail as a result of this.

But I want any jail time to happen as a result of due process, not arising from a moment of fury and frustration.

(I'm ducking behind a table, so go ahead! Throw things!)


*comes out from under table.*

Diana wants me to be practical.

I expect the House strategy is to use court rulings to strengthen the obstruction case.

I do expect there to be consequences of some kind.

(off to work for now)

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