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In PROOF OF COLLUSION (2018), I wrote of how contestants/judges in Trump's Miss Universe pageant insisted Trump helped choose winners based on the nations Trump Org does business in. Now that he runs America as a business, you think his billions in Turkish business is immaterial?

1/ Please don't fool yourself: Trump permitted Russia to invade Europe because he had business he wanted to do in Russia. He'll allow the Turks to commit genocide against the Kurds because of the business he has in Turkey. Anyone who has researched his life and career knows this.

2/ Every single Trump scandal, both pre- and post-election, has the same outline: Donald Trump will commit crimes and cause irreparable harm to people's lives/reputations to advance his business and/or political interests. This is what he does, and he does it EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

3/ If Trump is angry at a country, look at whether that country is treating the Trump Organization in a way that makes Donald Trump happy. If Trump is kow-towing to a country, look at how much business he's doing in that country. It's maddening how goddamn transparent the man is.

4/ To put a finer point on it: there's no evidence, literally none, that Trump has ever cared about the life, reputation, or happiness of a single person besides himself and maybe a couple members of his family. Any claim Trump cares about anything else is based on ZERO evidence.

5/ We're taught by our parents to judge people not just by their words but their deeds, and apparently that applies to every single person every single one of us meets in our lives *except* Trump. With Trump, half America pretends the evidence of its eyes and ears is meaningless.

6/ Maybe it needs to be put even more clearly: Trump would hire a guy to drive a monster truck over your youngest child for 10 million dollars, and that's taking into account that the man is worth at *least* 30 million already (which is just 10 billion less than he claims he is).

7/ Believing in the goodness of Donald Trump is like believing in Bigfoot, the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny, chemtrails, the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, or that Elvis is living in a mobile home in Tuscaloosa. You are a *child* if you buy into it; you are being *humiliated*.

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