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We have seen some of this in the wake of 2016; most of that cooperation, which we can only really say exists because of the takedown statements that imply its existence, is still not public knowledge. As much as this needs to exist in some way, we also need transparency.

The big concern, which is valid, is that the ‘guardrail’ regulation that pushes integrity efforts onto the platform companies will merely act as regulative capture, limiting the rise of new platforms. But in effect, too, the smaller platforms just become the meddling whitespace.

While the formalities roll out to further describe the 2016 interventions, & their continuation, we are not getting much closer to real solutions. We can demand a cross-agency effort, and raise the collective awareness, but how does that help the small apps battle interference?

Bad actors will lean where the users are leaning every cycle going forward, & little of that will look like News Feed. That means E2E messaging channels, private Facebook Groups still radicalizing their members, the newsletter resurgence, & web silos. What can those laterals do?

Does this end in the federal government creating a Google Captcha like API that provides an authenticity score for each user & their IPs? If so, it raises a ton of questions surrounding deepening surveillance. Or more likely: does it just collapse on lazy enforcement like COPPA?

Realistically, we will just see surface level effort regulation bundled w/ mediocre financial punitives. Keyword 2016 will be rambled for the next decade w/ Facebook. Don’t forget that the IC quietly knew this was happening — and we shouldn’t expect any different the next time.

While Congress tweets & whatever else they do w/ their time, the more interesting landscape to watch on this front is at the state level. The revenge porn legislature is a good indicator of how this sweeps the country. Some good, some bad, many challenged.

Under the veil of the fake news fight, we will see a lot of power grabs — like implemented in Singapore, Sri Lanka, & eerily close to fruition in India, modeled after protectionism. We may see this at the state level; the deepfake railroading isn’t far off  https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/oct/02/chilling-singapores-fake-news-law-comes-into-effect 

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