Charity Majors @mipsytipsy CTO @honeycombio, ex-Parse, Facebook, Linden Lab; cowrote Database Reliability Engineering; loves whiskey, rainbows. I test in production and so do you. 🌈🖤 Oct. 09, 2019 1 min read

everyone who identifies as a human observability tool should really give honeycomb a try.

(or lightstep. 😉)

lots of people who tried us in the early days have been coming back around and commenting on how much easier it is to get started now.

the experience is pretty newrelic-ish. install a library. landing page has latency, errors, request rate as defaults.

we have a free tier, a community paid tier, and guided paid deployments for larger enterprises to evaluate us. we even have a hybrid mode for on prem.

(a year ago we had none of those things. wow.)

investing in observability may be the single biggest return you can get on your time.

chaos engineering? not if you can't observe wtf is happening.

rewrites? not if you aren't sure if it's getting better.

hiring? not if new hires are going to spend half their time flailing.

the sooner you do it, the more confidently and swiftly you will be able to move on every single future project.

if you think you can't afford the time, trust me: you can't afford not to.

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