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Being kind to powerful people who’ve committed atrocities isn’t brave or countercultural.

It’s not even kind.

There was a time when Bush befriending a prominent gay cultural figure would have meant something. It would have cost him something to align himself with a marginalized community the people he associates with were and are actively trying to shut out of public life.

He didn’t.

He’s friends with Ellen now that there’s no cost for him; only gain. Now that she can help him make America forget what he’s done and what he still stands for.

The rewards of accepting his friendship are obvious.

The penalty for refusing it is implicit. Go ask the Dixie Chicks.

There aren’t many rewards to be gained by speaking up for the dead and disenfranchised. They don’t have much to offer in that way.

But there’s a word for forgetting them, and helping other people forget.


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