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I'll never get over FB's team at time torching marketer trust to fluff near term metrics they were going to grow into anyway b/c of their awful "growth hacker" mindset. Rest of us put in blood sweat & tears to build a legit industry w/defensible metrics. They abused all of that.

Make no mistake: what they did hurt every ad firm on product side, marketing shop, media outlet -- really everyone all the way up to CMO not to mention those on biz side of media. 0 respect for our industry, clients or professions. They've grown up since, just still bothers me.

If people over there had any idea of pain, presentations, pitches, data, educating, holding hands so many of us in the 2000s put in persuading large corps to spend on digital ads they would have sweat the numbers far more. Google always did. They're either sociopaths or ignorant.

Best move Facebook team ever did was hire
@robleathern to run the show over there. They should have had him (or a tenured industry pro of his caliber) long ago none of this would have happened under his watch.

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