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I don't know what others mean when they say Trump's terrified. I know what *I* mean, and it's based on, as a PD, seeing some very hard people—some sociopaths—suddenly realize a situation isn't in hand. The resulting terror isn't a cartoonish shaking-in-boots, but a system freeze.

I've noticed that the same people who *hate* me mentioning my years of legal practice are the *first* to forget my background (available via a permanent link in my Twitter bio) and therefore not understand where I'm coming from, or why. And I think it's not a coincidence, either.

None of us "know" Trump, but when I see someone with no experience working *closely* with sociopaths, psychopaths, accused murderers, accused thieves and con men (&c) acting like someone who *does* have that experience is naive, it reminds me why the virtual world is so much ugh.

I try not to comment on this feed about things I have no experience with or haven't researched for a book or don't teach at the college level; my bio gives a lot of detail about my areas of focus. But you won't see me here with super-strong opinions on, say, cooking or carpentry.

Meanwhile, those on Twitter *most* worked up about *others'* areas of expertise, in my experience, are people using fake names on Twitter, or real names with no bio, or real names and a bio but no indication therein that they have *any* experience in what they're worked up about.

I guess my point is, we're all doing our best to marshal our knowledge bases, skill-sets, and esoteric resources and then also (if/when we're outside those) be *honest* about that fact, *except* the loudest complainers re: *others'* feeds, who are, basically, sorry to say, turds.

Anyway, just my two cents. I think if the way you're spending a national emergency is snarking strangers on Twitter, you've basically got nothing else to offer that anyone wants, and that's a fact you should be thinking hard about while engaged in the serious work of flaking off.

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