Seth Abramson @SethAbramson @Newsweek columnist. Analyses @BBC. NYT bestselling author of Proof of Conspiracy ( Next: Citizen Journalist (Macmillan). Professor. Attorney. Oct. 10, 2019 1 min read

Interesting that the two men the feds just arrested were caught plying Trumpworld with money in May...

...2018. That'd be right after Ukraine froze its investigations of Paul Manafort.

I'll say it again: this is a saga that goes back to 2017 and before. 

FOLLOWUP/ Fruman—just arrested trying to flee the country—met *personally* with Trump *twice* in the days before Ukraine froze all Manafort investigations in April 2018. Think there was a connection? 

UPSHOT/ It's looking like these two men may have assisted Giuliani/Trump in shaking down Ukraine to end all investigation of Manafort—who Trump was telling friends months earlier, in January 2018, could bring him down—in exchange for business coming their way from Trump policies.

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