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I do wonder if the “Brexit’s just a right faff TBH” message has been used enough by Remain.

The hatred of of mild but irritating inconvenience is a very real for Brits.

“It’s a right pain in the hump. Let’s not bother.”

“Can you really be arsed with this malarkey?”


“Brexit’s a right kerfuffle”

“Do you really give that much of a shit about it?”

“Brexit: like waiting in for a delivery and then it coming while you’ve nipped to the loo.”

“So you’ll need to get form 457b and then return it registered delivery so you can then...oh sod it.”

“We can if you like, but if you’re not really that fussed, let’s not bother.”

“Is all this really neccesary?”

“We’re making a bit of scene here.”

“Imagine a future where we just go for a cup of tea or a pint and chat about other stuff instead.”

“Brexit: it’s quite a lot of hassle really.”

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