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Mueller was investigating Cohen on the subject of Ukrainian money going to Trump coffers in early 2017, presumably with the aim of pushing Trump policy via impeachable bribery (with a middleman). Now Cohen is headed to NYC to talk to prosecutors. Want to bet it's Ukraine-related?

1/ We'll soon learn that *related* to the above is *deeply conflicted Trump lawyers* Joe diGenova and Victoria Toensing suddenly picking up Manafort partner Dmitry Firtash as a client. And Michael/Mark Mukasey, heads up—you should've followed conflict-of-interest guidelines, too.

2/ The trajectory of the Trump-Ukraine scandal is like a heat-seeking missile that's travelled out many miles and is now slowly curving back—in a *gloriously* long arc—to move with supersonic speed toward the man behind this scandal, indeed all the scandals...

...Vladimir Putin.

3/ As Rachel Maddow has pointed out, Putin was paying Firtash funny money—money for no evident purpose—as Firtash was working to aid Manafort-protecting Ukrainian prosecutors and attack Joe Biden. And now Firtash shares a lawyer with...

...let me see here...

...oh, yeah: Trump.

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