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1/ Giuliani under investigation?

First Michael Cohen
And now Giuliani ⤵️

Seeing a pattern?

This is of course connected to the arrest of Giuliani’s associates, Parnas and Fruman, who were part of the Ukraine matter for which Trump will be impeached.

2/ In March of 2018, Bob Bauer, writing for Lawfare, predicted that the way Trump “uses and abuses” lawyers may well bring his presidency down.
Bauer noted that Trump doesn’t look to his lawyers for legal advice. In fact, he openly disregards legal advice.

3/ Instead, he sends his lawyers to do his bidding.

Trump’s view is that his lawyer’s job is to find a way around the law while providing him with a veil of deniability.

Bauer reminds us that Nixon’s lawyer Kalmbach managed secret funds that he used to finance sabotage . . .

4/ . . . and spy operations against Democrats. Kalmbach was convicted of illegal fundraising and sentenced to prison.

All eyes now on Giuliani

Does this sound like mob behavior? It should. Mob lawyers are a thing.

5/ Reagan commissioned a study of organized crime & found “renegade attorneys” who launder money, orchestrate perjured testimony, offer bribes, use law offices to plan crimes, etc. See:

6/ Mob attorneys are those who “protect the leadership of a criminal organization” are part of the “life-support system of organized crime.’’

If Giuliani brings down Trump, Bob Bauer gets credit for how Trump’s downfall would come about.

7/ Bauer has a Lawfare piece today about the shady lawyering in the White House letter sent to Congress, (which was drafted by attorney Cipollone)  https://www.lawfareblog.com/cipollone-letter-trouble-white-house-counsels-office 

In trying to give Cipollone the benefit of the doubt, Bauer concludes with:

h/t @TulliusCicero43

8/ Speaking of Trump and mob behavior, @glennkirschner2 and I co-authored an NBC News Blog piece on just this topic ⤵️

All my threads are also blog posts. I put this short one on the blog as well.  https://terikanefield-blog.com/trump-and-mob-lawyers/ 

so much news!

Next I think I'll read the Parnas and Fruman indictment.

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