Eric Garland @ericgarland Strategic forecaster for corporations and governments. Consultant. Author. Keynote speaker. Patriot building a More Perfect Future. Oct. 11, 2019 1 min read

You mean Trump and Rudy Giuliani are partnered DIRECTLY with the Russian Mob?

Who knew? 

P.S. They're going to throw a slew of other issues up about Trump.

Only one matters: He's president, and he's owned by the Russian mafia.

Not "Trump works with" or "Trump is sympathetic to" transnational organized crime, run by the Russians.

They *own* Trump.

How do they own Trump? Money owed, sure. Knowledge of his organized crime past? Absolutely.

Then there's the grotesque stuff.

The details are lurid, but ultimately unimportant. America has had presidents with corrupt natures and unsavory ties to the Mob before. THIS. IS. DIFFERENT.

Look back. Harding and Hoover weren't exactly purist humanitarians, put it that way.

And Harry S Truman? A tool of the Tom Pendergast machine out of Kansas City. Mob. But - he took care of his constituents while serving his patrons.

Trump is different. He is OWNED LIKE A PET by the Russian Mob. He made his last free choice a long time ago.

Trump must be impeached because he is a president so compromised by the global Mob - headed by Russia - he serves them first.

There's never been treason like it.

It's time to impeach Cheeto Jesus, put him on Marine One, and take him to wherever he goes next.

To Trump Tower. Or to face charges. </>

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