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It's now being reported that Trump himself drafted that 8-page letter sent to Congress.

Trump drafted the letter for all the usual cult-of-leadership reasons (Trump knows better than anyone else; his gut instinct is better than elite academics, etc.)


Given that the "legal" arguments were 100% bogus, it wouldn't actually surprise me.

Not that this concerns Trump's lawyers, but there is actually a code of legal ethics.

Among other things, lawyers aren't supposed to knowingly make false statements.


WH counsel shouldn't have signed that letter if they knew it contained bogus arguments and was drafted by Trump.

If the idea of Trump's lawyers + legal ethics makes you do this 😂 , here's a bit about Trump and mob lawyers:


Here's my explainer about that letter, if you missed it. The spirit of the letter "this is a Boxing Match" is pure Trump.

I'm currently reading the Parnas-Fruman inducement, and will have a thread soon.

(I got distracted by that Daily Beast report)


Have patience, my dearies. These things take time.
Disbarment is the remedy for violating the code of professional responsibility (ethics code).

Did you know Nixon was disbarred for Watergate acts?

Link in next tweet.


Not only will there be a lot more prison sentences, there will be lots of disbarments.

Anyone wanna bet about whether Giuliani will be a member of the bar in 2021?

OK, back to work reading that indictment. Thread soon.


That's why I was careful to say "drafted" instead of "wrote." 😂😂😂

Someone fixed up the letter and threw in a few real legal terms.

Autocorrect hates me.

Inducement was supposed to be INDICTMENT.

My keyboard also hates me, so I'm never sure who I should blame.

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