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A Texas jury just sentenced a man to 99 years for kicking a police officer.

You can see in the video below, the man is handcuffed & lying in a hospital stretcher when he kicks the police officer, who wasn't injured & didn't require medical attention. 

Amber Guyger's jury good with 10 years tho.

PS. To be clear, I don't think the man sentenced to 99 years in prison should have been charged or prosecuted at all.

This is not an argument that 99 years is ever an appropriate sentence in prison. It's not. Prison is an horrific place to spend any time.

The comment about Amber Guyger was borne out of anger and frustration at the value society continues to place on the lives of some and not others. Cops lives are nearly always seen as sacrosanct. Other people are seen as disposable and irredeemable.

PPS. Another part of this - compare the amount of force exerted in that kick to that used by police in arresting people for farebeating and minor offenses in videos we see on here every day.

Police do much worse to people all the time without consequence.

In fact they do much worse and then charge the people they do it to with assaulting them.

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