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1. One particularly disturbing scene in @RonanFarrow’s book...

Phil Griffin, the current president of MSNBC, waving around a zoomed in photo of Maria Menounos’s vagina in a staff meeting.

Order Ronan’s book here:  https://amzn.to/2oBghS2 

2. Ambra Gutierrez captured Harvey Weinstein on tape admitting to sexual assault.

According to @RonanFarrow's new book, when he played this audio for NBC News president Noah Oppenheim, Noah reacted by saying: "Eh...I mean, I don't know what it proves."


3. Another thing NBC News president Noah Oppenheim said to @RonanFarrow (according to Ronan's book) after listening to this audio was:

"He's trying to get rid of her. People say a lot of things when they're trying to get rid of a girl like that."


4. NBC News President Noah Oppenheim just sent this long email to NBC News staffers in advance of @RonanFarrow’s book which comes out tomorrow

5. This is how chapter three of @RonanFarrow’s book begins...

With Dylan Howard, the editor in chief of the National Enquirer, ordering the contents of a safe to be shredded after getting a call from the Wall Street Journal about Trump.


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