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1. Barr goes to SDNY to see SDNY chief/Trump transition official Berman. SDNY/FBI are working on Parnas/Fruman case. NYC FBI previously leaked to Rudy (2016).

2. Within hours, Rudy calls Parnas/Fruman to lunch. All three plan to go to Vienna—where Firtash is.


3. Firtash is a Manafort associate/Putin agent who finances Parnas/Fruman. Giuliani has worked for and employed Parnas/Fruman.

4. Giuliani lies to press about plans for Vienna and Parnas/Fruman travel plans in the hours before he knows they've been arrested.


5. Trump lies about his ties to Parnas/Fruman and says he doesn't know if Giuliani is his attorney—a lie.

6. The Trump-Parnas evidence includes a bizarre tidbit of information: Felix Sater—Trump's ex-con Russia fixer—also knows Parnas, and has for a while.


7. Deep dives on Firtash remind America that Firtash got his start in business via close Putin friend—and brutal gangster—Semion Mogilevich. Semion Mogilevich is also tied to Sater through Sater's dad. Parnas and Fruman's associations start to seem very dark.


8. Trump aides Stone and Nunberg say Trump knew he'd be running for POTUS in 2012. New photos indicate Trump and his family have been in contact with Parnas and Fruman since 2014—or earlier. Parnas/Furman's funding, per Maddow, may be partly coming from Putin.


The "phone call" part of this is over—Trump admitted to an impeachable, personal-profit quid pro quo involving U.S. military aid by a) releasing a memo of the Zelensky call, and b) what the memo said. *Now* what we're seeing is this is all part of the Trump-Russia case.

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