Eric Garland @ericgarland Strategic intelligence analyst. Want to learn more about Trump-Russia? Check out Game Theory Today. Oct. 13, 2019 2 min read


Guys. Russians were on the floor of the GOP National Convention 3+ years ago with cash.

What, for their health?

Think the Russian Mob flooded the NRA with illegal campaign fun for shits and giggles?

It's the Mob: "Here. Got somethin' for ya. Now, I need a favor."

Trump's people met Russian spies in JUNE 2016 and traded policy for election help.

Few weeks later, "RUSSIA, IF YOU'RE LISTENING..."

Why, because the RuMob is a charity?

No, the RuMob just made their latest little salary payment to their Mob asset bitch, Trump, to sweeten the deal he can't not take anyway.

The latest quid pro quo of years' worth.

Erik Prince and Betsy DeVos bringing their coal-black resources to the campaign: quid pro quo. Prince gets to be private Eisenhower for China, Betsy gets, I dunno, Dominionism, or whatever.

McConnell quid pro quo: you pay off my Chinese in-laws, I watch your back, you get me judges and tax cuts and sign what I send you.

Silicon Valley quid pro quo: We bend our tech your way, you get the FTC and the FCC and the SEC off of our jocks. We're paid by the same people anyway...

Dixie Mob quid pro quo: Sure, he's a Yankee, but he knows the value of trafficking...stuff. And hell, he'll even say he's born again! He gets support, we keep the gravy train running.

Wall Street quid pro quo: We know Trump is BROKE AS A JOKE and Mobbed up; he gives us tax cuts and looks the other way on money laundering, we pretend WE'RE NOT IN NEW YORK ELITE SOCIETY.

America quid pro quo: You let us pretend that this system has not been entirely corrupted by the Mob and let us pretend that we find politics "amusing" or "boring" instead of "terrifying," and we'll think of it as entertainment and light debate material.

The magic of the Ukraine quid pro quo is that it's post-Mueller, we all know Trump is owned by the Russian Mob, nobody is left to keep him from being a TOTAL IDIOT MOB JAMOKE, and his team managed one of the most perfect DC clusterf**ks imaginable.

So this "quid pro quo" is finally unavoidable, to any sentient multi-celled organism.

But it's the Mob. Quid pro quo is all they do.


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