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customer QOTD @honeycombio: "Just finished presenting SLOs to the C-levels. They shit bricks of preferred stock. You have created a step-function improvement in awareness of healthy systems. Thanks for all of it." 😍🐝😍

You haven't heard us talk much about SLOs yet publicly. That's about to change.

Shortly after @lizthegrey joined us last spring, she pointed out that a) they were a missing link in our narrative, and b) nobody in our industry has built them correctly.

SLOs are one of those things that sound obvious and easy to build, but get incredibly detailed and difficult the farther down you go.

We knew we had to get them right. So we dark launched the product with just a few enterprise customers to help us work through the early bumps.

What makes *me* especially excited is the potential they have to bridge the gap to business buyers.

We've always managed to reach engineering buyers, but finance types tend to be more dubious. SLO budgets speak their native tongue.

How cool would it be...if you could just tag the SLIs you care about, and then see in a glance, any time, how much of your monthly budget was left? and how long til you burn thru it?

How cool would it be to be notified if you were going to run out soon, or before month is up?

And how cool would it be, if you were running hot, if you could just click on the red SLO alarm to see exactly where the errors are coming from, what they have in common, and what changed?

Yeah, y'all are gonna like this one. 😍🐝

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