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Average American household watched some 250+ unique hours of pay-TV per month in 2010s. 400+ total hours per family.

There's something odd about the resistance to this costing $65 (the actual avg in 2014) and uproar over a $5 hike. Even if you add random fees, cable boxes, etc.

And no, none of the networks you didn't watch really cost that much (HLN is free! TruTV is 25 cents)

What percent of Netflix haven't you watched? How much of Disney+'s pre-teen content will you view?

Everything is coming back. Content is expensive. And it's still a good deal.

Problems are just remixing a bit

My NYT oped.

Streaming Video Will Soon Look Like the Bad Old Days of TV 

Thrones S1 was $6MM an episode. S8 was $15+. Disney+ series are estimated at $13MM. Apple's Band of Brothers 3 will be $25MM+.

We love this. But it's expensive. Shows used to be $2-4MM.

Not paying for random reality competitions doesn't solve problem. You gotta pay sometime

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