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Sunday Roundup

If you missed it, here's my thread analyzing the Parnas-Fruman indictment, and putting it into the larger context of what we know (well, some of what we know -- going for the big picture).


Did you catch that bit of news about the author of the 8-page letter the White House counsel sent Congress?

It's being reported that Trump himself drafted it (dictated, maybe?), which explains a lot.

#2 Here’s my analysis of that 8-page letter.

Trump wants this to be a boxing match.

Pelosi and Schiff want it to be a legal proceeding worthy of the founding fathers (and that means not imitating the tactics of Kenneth Starr).


Speaking of lawyers doing shady things (WH counsel putting their signature on a letter with bogus legal arguments) here’s a short thread on Trump and mob lawyers:

#4: My letter to Republican Senators

I intended to write 3 threads per week. But things keep happening.

I need a way to keep the Ukraine stuff straight, so I'm working on a master timeline.

(Yeah, I was that student with 100 pages of color-coded notes.)

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