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In the end, the core matter isn’t a question of whether Trump is actively collaborating with foreign authoritarian governments, which he almost certainly is. The core issue is that he, and his party, and his supporters, are fundamentally aligned with authoritarianism.

Our core response has to be alignment with anti-authoritarianism—not just in the leaders we oppose, but in the leaders we support, in the way we live, the choices we make.

A 20 foot high wall is not opposition to a 50 foot high wall.

Do we live in an open world, or a closed one? A world of plenty, or of lack? Equity, or corruption? Of hope, or of fear? Of evidence, or lies? Inclusion, or dominance? Is power subject to accountability, or isn’t it?

They have their answers. We must have ours.

Our overarching crisis is a reality crisis.

Authoritarians have been fighting hard for decades to create a reality that is utterly incompatible with freedom for anyone but them.

They’ll allow no middle ground between their reality and any other.

Nor should we seek one.

Any middle ground is for them only a temporary staging ground from which to further enforce their reality upon everyone else.

“Meet me in the middle,” says the unjust man.

You take a step toward him. He takes a step back.

“Meet me in the middle,” says the unjust man.

This is what anti-authoritarianism looks like. Note the word “refuse.” The word refuse is key.

These people are fundamentally aligned with authoritarianism. You don’t get to have middle ground with authoritarians.  https://www.essence.com/news/lindsey-graham-senate-judiciary-whistleblowers-trump-impeachment-inquiry/ 

I won’t post the video but if you click through to this thread it’s there. It’s beyond disturbing. They think it’s good.

These people are fundamentally aligned with authoritarianism. There is no middle ground to be found with this.

These people are fundamentally aligned with authoritarianism. They openly intend murder, openly oppose truth.

There is no middle ground, not because we are uncivil or open-minded, but because there is no room for it in the reality they’ll enforce.

They are fundamentally aligned with authoritarianism. They will fight for what they want, which is cultural domination and murder.

They are SAYING so.

Authoritarianism allows no middle ground, no neutrality, no compromise.

And, so, there can be none.

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