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Sascha wants to know what we can do to save democracy ⤵️

I have a few threads on that. (Warren has a plan. I have a thread)

There is plenty we need to be doing.

Actually, Trump will be impeached, but it's likely he won't be removed from office until the end of his term . . .

. . . but removing Trump won't save democracy. The problems pre-dated and created Trump.

The only way to save democracy is through democratic means, which is why I keep posting my list⤵️

@TimothyDSnyder says feeling shocked and outraged is a luxury. . .

. . . it's "pre-helpless" and comes partly from not understanding history and thus thinking: “This never happened before!” and then feeling doomed.

We've been here before. And we've gotten out before.

Start with this thread ⤵️

. . then this one, on How California Turned Blue:

. . . it's never too late, even to get out of autocracy.

I know something about this. My husband is from Chile. He and his family experienced the Pinochet dictatorship.

See this thread on how Chile got out from under Pinochet:

. . . if we have a blue sweep in 2020, you'll see rapid change.

See this thread, FDR taught us how:

That's enough for today.

After you finish your "how to save democracy reading," go back to my "to do" list and get busy.

Adding a question:
Short answer: Not much.

The Ukraine plot basically started in Dec. 2018-Jan. 2019.

That date makes sense to me: It was right after the mid-terms.

The Democrats won big. Trump and pals were in a panic. They had to do something. . .

. . . the Ukraine-Biden thing was really just a replay of Her Emails:

💠Start with something based in fact
💠Invent a crime
💠Create a scandal
💠Persuade people Biden (who they expected to be the Dem. nominee) did just what Trump is accused of doing

The plot was foiled . . .

. . . besides, we're wise to the game now. The midterm results proved that.

They tried to use the same playbook (unlikely to work a second time) but it's all they could come up with.

Elections are held and monitored locally.
Each state and precinct monitors its own. . .

. . . so cheating works in close elections.

There's no executive order that will give Trump the election.
He can't undo the Constitution.
He can't cancel elections (each state conducts its own).

I suggest getting involved with your local elections. (My to do list has ideas)

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