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My statement is: "The president can denounce it, or not, it doesn't matter. His entire presidency stands as a ringing endorsement of that video. It's too late for him to save himself. He can go to hell, and he will."

Honestly what would be more useless and disingenuous than Trump denouncing a video celebrating a church shooting, made to be enjoyed by his I guess you'd call them 'fans.'

These are the people who would have picnicked at a lynching. That video is exactly their jam.

What I'd like to see is a statement by all the outlets, whether depicted in that video or not, that the president is a clear white supremacist and an authoritarian, a corrupt liar and a bigot, and it's time to start reporting him for what he is and support for him for what it is.

I'd like to see a statement that the press's bottomless bowl of benefit-of-the-doubt for the Republican party, which they have very obviously not earned and which they will never pay for, has finally run out.

Report their words as presumed lies and presumed violence.

If he denounces it, the press should report that they don't believe him, nor do they trust anything from the leader of the JOURNALIST ROPE TREE gang

Because obviously he doesn't and they obviously shouldn't. Maybe let's just trust the report of our eyes and ears from here on out

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