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Anybody motivated by marriage inequality a) is already voting for trump; and b) we should be ashamed to court their support.

We’re going to fix this nightmare without help from the nightmare clowns, thanks.

It’s weird but when something like this here happens, nobody talks about the impact on “swing voters.” Suddenly it’s almost like “swing voters” don’t exist.

Almost exactly like that.

Swing voters: always on the perpetual verge of voting for a democrat if only the democrat could be a *little* less like the sort of person who votes for democrats, and a *little* more like a republican, for whom they are—I swear—definitely not already planning to vote for, wink.

Strangely, even in a time of a massive rightward fascist lurch, these fabled “swing voters” never can get lured away by a candidate willing to tack a little bit left of center.

Always right, always right. Just a bit further. You’re almost there, I swear. So close, so close.

“Swing voters.”

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