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The Essex Green is amazing. First heard them 20 years ago. Listening to this LP on vinyl, with sunlight filtering through trees outside is.... well, I'm going to post a few songs in this thread, so @theessexgreen gets the love it deserves.

Goodnight, all. 

1/ There was this brief period in the late 1990s when a big sixties revival (advanced by some really great indie-pop artists, many from the Elephant 6 Collective) gleefully dug its teeth into indie music culture. Nostalgic for those beautiful days, now.... 

2/ This ranks among the Top 10 Corny Songs I Am 100% Here For Each Time Every Time. I know I'm not alone in feeling like I was born late. 

3/ When I was a DJ in the 90s playing psychedelic music on the radio for folks in... uh... northern New Hampshire, this is the sort of song I might've played—if it'd been a few years later—to prove at least a few folks in my generation *did* get 60s music. 

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