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More "You're the Puppet" propaganda technique

This time from Rudy Giuliani. No surprise.

(If you missed yesterday's thread, it's here⤵️)

@samstein points out that Rudy spent months arguing that Hunter was paid an absurd amount of money for political connections. . .

2/ . . . while being paid 500K for political connections.

But that's really the least of it.
Giuliani purports to be fighting corruption.

Let's talk about that 500K.

He was paid by a company co-founded by Parnas and Fruman. . .

3/ . . . the same guys who were just indicted for setting up shell companies to funnel foreign money to Americans for political gain and at the best of an unknown wealthy Russian backer.

Indictment here:  https://www.washingtonpost.com/context/u-s-vs-lev-parnas-et-al-indicment/12ab2d62-230f-4e38-8f1a-b6221ee48876/ 

No doubt Rudy was paid Russian or Ukrainian money.

4/ If you think Parnas and Fruman (who have been described as con artists) earned that $500 honestly, I have a bridge to sell you.

So do Parnas and Fruman, who have been described as con artists.

Giuliani, who lies as fluidly as Trump, says this:

5/ Let's talk about how those Russian oligarchs and Ukrainian counterparts got so rich in the first place.

Spoiler: They stole it from the Russian & Ukrainian people.

That's why Manafort's daughter referred to dad's Ukrainian wealth as blood money.

6/ When the Soviet Union broke up, the Russian Federation was established as a constitutional republic.

But democracy never took hold. Before rule of law was in place there was a wild rush to control the nation’s industries and resources.

(Source ⤵️)

7/ A few people became billionaires (by stealing what belonged to the people).

Democracy never took hold. Leaders were picked by the new billionaires. Thus Russia went from communism to oligarchy.

The oligarchs needed to launder their stolen money.

8/ This, by the way, is where Donald Trump comes into the picture. He got rich in the 1980s and 1990s laundering Russian money. More here⤵️

Trump, Giuliani, and friends are trying hard to create a Russian style oligarchy in the United States.

9/ For more on the Russia-Putin-American Right Wing love affair, see ⤵️

From Snyder: For decades Russia has been beckoning to America's far right wing.

America's right wing sees Russia as the savior of the white race. ⤵️

10/ This brings us to the final irony of Giuliani's $500: While purporting to fight corruption, he engaged in a level of international corruption which I suggest is unparalleled in our history.

From @jasonintrator ⤵️ Every fascist campaign is an anti-corruption campaign.

11/ “Fascists see democracy as corrupt because democracy requires concessions to different groups. They see compromising with out-groups as “corruption.”

For more from @jasonintrator see ⤵️

12/ Giuliani thought, in the end, he'd be the hero of the story.  https://vanityfair.com/news/2019/09/rudy-giuliani-im-a-hero-and-should-be-praised-as-such 

Is that because because he thought they'd win and control the narrative?
Because he thought in the end Fox would be the only "news" outlet left standing?

13/ I think the "I'll be the hero" comment is motivated at least partly by the belief that in trying to turn America into a Russian-style oligarchy, he is indeed making America "great."

Democracy can be frustrating. As⤵️ say, democracy is slow grinding work.

14/ Democracy (by which I mean ⤵️ ) isn't compatible with white male [largely Christian] rule.

It feels "corrupt" to have to share power with people they think aren't their equals.

In taking that $$, Giuliani was taking steps toward making himself an American oligarch.


15/ Interesting plot twist. Screenshot this article:
In Aug. 2018, he began working for Parnas and Furman, and received 500K (he wouldn't say when he received the money)
Perhaps that 500K went somewhere else?
What HAS he been up to?

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