Matthew Ball @ballmatthew Venture investor, strategist, essayist, that guy on Twitter. Prev. Head of Strategy @AmazonStudios, ex-Otter Media, @MediaREDEF. 🇨🇦 Oct. 15, 2019 1 min read

This will upset many, many day one subscribers. It's also hard to message.

Customers "get" that Netflix doesn't have everything, but Netflix isn't explicitly selling content brands and its logo isn't literally MARVEL+STAR WARS+DISNEY+PIXAR

Most will expect all titles.

This is part of the deep three-year discount plan. By the time the next decision point comes, Disney will basically have reclaimed most of these rights AND added many new ones.

All the same, expect a lot of social media outrage "Where is Black Panther", "Why do I need Netflix to watch The Last Jedi", etc.

It's very hard to communicate what this issue is.

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