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NEW (thread): North Carolina GOP recently passed new gerrymandered legislative districts. We filed an amicus brief you can read here proposing alternate nonpartisan districts for the court. These maps show the state Senate (GOP's map on left)  #NCpol #NCGA

These maps show the North Carolina GOP's new state House gerrymander (first map) & the two nonpartisan maps we proposed instead (our two are very similar to each other)  #NCpol #NCGA

Although the court barred using partisan data when drawing new maps, they didn't bar using it to assess the maps afterward, which we've done using 3 common measures of bias. New GOP remedial maps still have sizable bias. Our maps have a smaller GOP bias & are fairer #NCpol #NCGA

In this thread, we'll look at some of the North Carolina GOP's most egregious new gerrymanders & the nonpartisan maps we've asked the court to adopt instead. In the state Senate, our Winston-Salem districts (right) are more compact & split one city fewer than the GOP #NCGA #NCpol

In the state House, Republicans maintained the very same cracking of Gastonia in the Charlotte area among 3 districts that the court struck down in the first place. Our map puts nearly all of Gastonia in a single district & is more compact #NCGA #NCpol

In the Charlotte suburb of Union County, Republicans still cracked the diverse city of Monroe despite the court specifically citing it as illegal. Our maps put nearly all of Monroe in a single district #NCGA #NCpol

In Wilmington, the GOP used water contiguity to connect part of the city with conservative rural and beachfront communities across the river. Our map by contrast has one district cross the river only where the major highways connect Wilmington & its western suburbs #NCGA #NCpol

In Robeson County, NC GOP drew a map that's even more gerrymandered & less compact than the invalidated map. It risks diluting Native American voting power in HD-47 & black voting power in HD-46. Our map is far more compact & remedies the Columbus County gerrymander #NCpol #NCGA

In Fayetteville, Republicans combined the most urban part of the city with the most rural areas of the county in order to create a second swing district. Our map by contrast gives downtown Fayetteville its own heavily urban seat #NCGA #NCpol

In Jacksonville, Republicans maintained the illegal cracking of the city's Democratic voters, who would be heavily outvoted by rural areas. Our map puts all of Jacksonville that isn't part of Marine Base Camp Lejeune in one district where its voters form the majority #NCGA #NCpol

In Winston-Salem, Republicans kept cracking & packing the city's Democrats so they'd win a majority of seats in this Dem-leaning county grouping. Our map is more compact, splits fewer cities, & better respects communities of interest #NCpol #NCGA

As we explained in our brief, our maps better satisfy the nonpartisan criteria required by the court & state law. If the court blocks the GOP's gerrymanders & adopts our maps, NC would finally have fairer districts for the 1st time this decade #NCpol #NCGA 

And now the fun part for #NCpol & #ElectionTwitter: In this post, we've published our data set of North Carolina's 2004-2018 statewide partisan elections by 2010 voting district, & we explain how to use it for districts you've drawn in @davesredist #NCGA 

I accidentally broke this thread, so here’s the rest of it in one place

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