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God, these attacks on Beto over a prospective AR-15 ban (from Anderson and Pete) are *super* disingenuous, as America declares certain goods contraband *all the time*

These claims of "how would this work" are truly silly and embarrassing

Those who support an AR-15 ban are saying they get declared contraband and there are (after a generously long grace period during which a generously remunerative buyback occurs) penalties for those found in possession of that contraband

U.S. law has long prohibited *many* items

And by the way, I say this without having taken *any* position on a mandatory buyback

I'm saying the *rhetoric* against it is flatly disingenuous

JESUS, Julian, NO ONE is going to go "door to door"

Is anyone here a lawyer, I mean Jesus

You ban it, you set a grace period, and then you institute penalties for possession

We do this ALL THE TIME with contraband

I just hate when people who know better lie about criminal justice issues for political gain

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