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Further take-away on last night's debate: While Warren needs a better answer on how to pay for healthcare, she fared well otherwise with the leader's target painted on her back. But Bernie seems ready to push on w/the Squad endorsement.

He can't win and will need to drop out and shift his support to her (as the progressive who can actually win) or it opens the door to a candidate from the Dem center. Don't think that candidate will be Biden who is just a day late and a dollar short on everything, not up to it.

He'll stay in until it is clear he will lose which may keep any one else from stepping into his role. But expect more buzz around someone else stepping in to the race and looking at other moderates. (No, Pete. Not you. Not this year.)

Still believe the best ticket is one that knits together both parts of the party with candidates who can beat Trump and also promise the kind of big change that is needed. After last night, my favorite ticket of that sort, Warren-Harris, might alternatively be Warren-Klobuchar.

Klobuchar did well, is moderate and has good Midwest cred. (So does Warren, whose Oklahoma-Texas origin story is one of the secrets of her success and why she can generate a much wider base than say, Bernie.) Those who follow me closely know that I...

...have a strong track record of being wrong about these things (after all, I was an active member of the Evan
Bayh for president campaign and a very enthusiastic Paul Tsongas supporter). But that's what I think right now and it seems unlikely I would be wrong every single time.

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