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Anything goes at Baby Rave, the Bay Area’s wildly popular daytime dance party for children under 4.  https://lat.ms/2BisYEi 

Although it’s never advertised, the monthly soiree sells out in minutes. Now in its third year, the ball is older than most of its tiny dancers.  https://lat.ms/2BisYEi 

The gatherings share DNA with kids’ raves in the United Kingdom and a smattering of parties for older children in U.S. cities such as New York and Atlanta — where glow sticks and strobe lights are de rigueur.  https://lat.ms/2BisYEi 

While a few parents were ex-ravers, the majority were simply searching for something to do between breakfast and nap time. Amid skyrocketing rents and dizzying displacement, kids — and kids’ activities — are disappearing from the Bay Area.  https://lat.ms/2BisYEi 

Read more from @sic_sonja about Baby Rave:  https://lat.ms/2BisYEi 

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