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How early in the Trump-Ukraine scandal is it? The "grand bargain" just came up for the first time—and no one's noting Trump likely sent Perry to Zelensky's inauguration to discuss Ukraine's role: accepting an end to Russian sanctions in exchange for a turbine deal for Turboatom.

1/ The scope of the Trump-Ukraine scandal will come to astonish America. It is going to dovetail with the entirety of the Mueller Report, the entirety of the FBI counterintelligence investigation, and the entirety of the investigation into the Trump transition and inaugural fund.

2/ I've no idea whether this scope will be appreciated by America by Christmas, as Congress is rushing toward impeachment and a Senate trial largely to avoid any overlap with 2020 voting, but at the latest within a few years America will understand how these scandals were linked.

3/ The reason Trump's rhetorical defense to what's going on is that Democrats have already tried several methods to take him down and failed in each is because he *knows* in fact it's all one scandal, and he has been rushing headlong toward impeachment for years—by his own doing.

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