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America IS weird!

Certain people act totally confused by a marginalized community reclaiming a word used to degrade them and murder them for centuries, and making it exclusively theirs.

Then they get called "deplorable" once—ONCE—and 4 yrs later there are still bumper stickers.

Deplorable America knows what it's doing.

They're smart enough to know they're wrong, but too dumb to avoid telling on themselves to even a casual observer.

They lie like children lie. We know who ate all the cookies. The crumbs are still on their faces.

Deplorable Veteran Dave knows the answer to the question "why can black people say that word and we can't?"

He knows.

But even the question is the lie.

Because he 100% does say that word. What he's really asking is, "why can't I yell it in public at black people ... anymore?"

The "basket of deplorables" line was actually given by Clinton in service of explaining that most Trump voters were reachable.

By appropriating it, they proved her wrong.

But they appropriated it so they could own the perceived insult themselves.

They understand appropriation

As someone w/no experience of being black in America, I can't understand the complexities of that slur's appropriation

But that word was used to enforce a reality: "you belong only to me"

Making that word exclusive property seems a way of saying: "we belong only to ourselves"

Meanwhile "deplorable" has been appropriated with a rather crude irony, a sort of presumed exceptionalism.

Self-identifying as "deplorable," as if to say: only a fool would find me deplorable, no matter how I act or what I believe

So they ID as deplorable. And act how they act.

They are what they are. Ignorant, among other things. Ignorant, but not entirely stupid. They manage to be confused about anything it's convenient to be confused about.

They know what they're doing.

It's deplorable.

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