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This week, L.A. lawmakers took the first step toward a **minimum wage** for tens of thousands of Uber and Lyft drivers, approving a study of how the law would work and how it would be enforced  https://www.latimes.com/california/story/2019-10-16/uber-lyft-drivers-pay-minimum-wage-los-angeles-ab5 

Let's talk details. 👀
Lawmakers are asking city analysts to study an hourly minimum wage, “with the goal of a $30 minimum" for Uber and Lyft drivers  https://lat.ms/2VQCUhN 

So, what' happening on a state level?
This Uber/Lyft vote comes a month after CA Governor Gavin Newsom signed an ambitious law aimed at curbing the use of independent contractors. Uber, Lyft & DoorDash are preparing a ballot initiative exempting themselves  https://www.latimes.com/california/story/2019-09-18/gavin-newsom-signs-ab5-employees0independent-contractors-california 

More than a hundred L.A. drivers for Uber and Lyft, some in neon green and bright blue shirts, crowded into City Hall this week. A few held signs that read, “Regulate rideshare!” and “LA for $30"

Do you think Uber and Lyft drivers deserve to be paid $30 an hour?
Here's more context, in @laura_nelson's story:  https://lat.ms/2VQCUhN 

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