Nick Miroff @NickMiroff Washington Post reporter covering immigration enforcement, border security and @DHSgov. Tip? nick.miroff(at) Oct. 18, 2019 1 min read

NEW a sudden increase in Mexican families and asylum seekers is challenging Trump admin's border crackdown, and the policies DHS has used to contain Central American migration surge are essentially useless for Mexican nationals  with @marybsheridan @ksieff

As migration from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador continues to fall, Mexican arrests numbers have shot up since late July, and Mexico is once more the single largest source of unauthorized migration to the U.S., latest stats show

Thousands of Mexican parents and children are camped out at the bridges in Ciudad Juarez and other border cities waiting for a chance to apply for U.S. asylum. Their growing numbers -- and new outbreaks of cartel violence -- have raised worries of new humanitarian crisis.

Mexico's economy is stagnant, and there are other indications some of the families have traveled to the border after hearing rumors the U.S. was allowing Mexican asylum seekers to enter. We found at least one travel agency and bus company facilitating these trips.

All of this threatens to upend the fragile detente between AMLO and Trump, esp if Mexican migration numbers continues to rise

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