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Things neural networks are saying about my book!

Generated by a neural net @OpenAI trained on Amazon reviews. Text color is activity level of a neuron they discovered it was using to keep track of the review's sentiment.

(real facts about the book here:  https://www.janelleshane.com/book-you-look-like-a-thing )

Real people are also saying nice things about my book!

So many nice things that my publisher @voraciousbooks added a book jacket to make room for it all!

Which also means there's room for Secret Giraffes inside the cover

“Recommended for anyone who wants to better understand the strengths and limitations of artificial intelligence, but also for anyone who likes watching computers fail hilariously.”

@GretchenAMcC , New York Times bestselling author of Because Internet

"While everyone else is making questionable predictions about the future of AI, Janelle Shane cuts through the fog by telling you how AI actually works. And even better: she makes it fun!"


"This book will make you laugh, but you'll also get a crash course in how AI works--and why it's not quite ready to take over the world. A delightful way to learn about the technology that's poised to change our lives."

"An incredibly accessible, informative, and hilarious look at how the AIs deciding things around us operate."

"If you’re interested in knowing more about machine learning and artificial intelligence, or in trying to understand our robot overlords, or if you just love weird and interesting science, you can’t miss this book."

"I can’t think of a better way to learn about artificial intelligence, and I’ve never had so much fun along the way."

“You Look Like a Thing and I Love You is a book that you can definitely get in here to hear the voice and see the pictures.”
—GPT-2, neural network

“Doused in a dark violet, you drag along a long rainbow cloud, one that is as alive and wet as it is interesting. A featureless masterpiece of tough-minded language.”
—GROVER, neural network

"Janelle Shane has hit the trifecta—the most hilarious, most educational, and overall best explanation of artificial intelligence ever written (and drawn)."

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