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Actually, @ThePlumLineGS, it means to stay away from the criminal code and frame the wrongdoing as abuses of power instead of crimes.

It means "what is the crime?" is the wrong question, and misdirects the inquiry.

What do I mean?

Stand by for a link . . .


I'm not surprised that Democratic internal polling has reached the same conclusions.

It was clear in October 2 Pelosi-Schiff press conference that this was their focus and plan.

Hi, Greg,

But I don't see it as a broadening of the inquiry.

It's a way to frame the wrongdoing.

It means avoiding words like "quid pro quo"

You're doing great work!

Ok, yes, we're saying much the same thing.

Of course, Doral should be included in the Articles.

But don't think we'll see bribery.

Which is why I see it as re-frame instead of enlarge.

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