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Was having a pleasant Brexit-free time reading the latest issue of @Guitarist_Mag when this pops up.

15 minutes on the website, and, honestly, I can’t make head nor tale of what I need to do, but if I don’t do whatever “it” is, my guitar could be confiscated at customs.

Now, I’m an EU expert. I’ve written and negotiated legislation. I’ve analysed regulations. I’m also a guitar geek. I install new pickups, & do setups & mods myself

I have no idea what type of rosewood my guitar fingerboards are made of, and no idea what it would mean if I did.2/

I have an Epiphone made in the early ‘90s in Korea. Is that Indian or Indonesian Rosewood? Where’s my 2000’s Fender Jaguar’s ‘board from? Specs aren’t on the web any more.

I do know I don’t have any with Brazilian Rosewood ‘boards. I think.

As ever, you can say “it’s just a form to fill in FFS”, but i know more than the average guitarist about both guitars and EU legislation, and I haven’t the foggiest about how to do that.

I can’t afford to pay someone to do it for me.

So, honestly, like many musicians, I’ll probably just not bother taking my guitar across the Channel.

That’s fine for me. I’m not a pro making a living out of touring, or a young artist or group trying to make a splash.

For those that are though, this, along with what are likely to be complex customs and VAT procedures, this is another nail in the coffin of an enterprise which is already, for all but the big acts, an often marginal profession anyway.

20 year-olds in a shit-hot new Indy band can’t be expected to deal with the expense and complixity of all this, so they won’t.

So the UK loses a hugely valuable economic and cultural export.

And EU artists and acts, with a market of 450m a train or van ride away won’t bother to come to the UK. It just won’t be worth it.

So UK loses a valuable cultural import, and its domestic industry is diminished by not having non-UK acts to put on.

For at least 60 years, the UK has been one of the two centres of the music industry. It’s been one of the places you have to make it if you’re going to really make it. The finest studios & venues, great manufacturers like Marshall & Vox, central to the history of modern music.

Like everything with Brexit, the UK’s great reputation and importance is diminished beyond repair. A priceless global brand, trashed by liars and charlatans for their own nasty political ends.

Nobody who cares about their country’s status and influence can support it.


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