Justin Trudeau @JustinTrudeau Father, husband, @liberal_party Leader, 23rd Prime Minister of Canada. Papa, mari, chef du @parti_liberal, 23e premier ministre du Canada. Oct. 19, 2019 1 min read

Conservatives have spent the last four years voting against the things Canadians need. They voted against the Canada Child Benefit. Against the middle class tax cut. Against a stronger retirement for seniors. #ChooseForward

Think about that… voting against the things that have helped so many people get ahead. And now they’re asking you to believe them when they say they’ll help you and your family. #ChooseForward

In opposition, Conservatives stand in the way of good policies that help people. Then they campaign on fear and empty promises. And as soon as they get into power, they cut taxes for the wealthiest, and cut services for everyone else. #ChooseForward

Just like Doug Ford made massive cuts in Ontario, Andrew Scheer will cut the things you and your family rely on. But Scheer’s cuts will be four times larger than Doug Ford’s: $53 billion. Canadians deserve better than that. #ChooseForward

Canadians deserve a government that invests in people. A government that works hard to help workers, families, students, and seniors. That’s what we’ve been doing these past 4 years - and it’s what we’ll keep doing for the next 4. Because our priority is YOU. #ChooseForward

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