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What would a foreign asset do to influence US election?🤔

➡️Seek dirt on Trump campaign frm foreign gov't

➡️Solicit foreign gov't to speak on Trump campaign connection to Russia

➡️Seek to influence Congress

🕵🏽‍♀️Alexandra Chalupa is foreign asset for DNC 

TRUMP RUSSIA HOAX: Alexandra Chalupa, DNC & Team Obama operating GET TRUMP in UKRAINE on January 19, 2016. Andriy Telizhenko meeting organized by Eric A Ciaramello (NSC director for Ukraine) 😮. Obama admin asking Ukraine officials for information on Party of Regions Payments.

Doug Schoen sets up meeting:

Meeting brings together Olga Biekova, Liz Zentos and Eric Ciaramella 😮.

Olga Bielkova meets with David Kramer, adviser to Sen. John McCain.

DNC, Alexandra Chalupa, Paul Manafort, Michael Isikoff, Steel Dossier, Carter Page, FISA Warrants.

There's nothing illegal about investigating what Alexandra Chalupa and Ukraine did to rig the 2016 election. Just because corrupt Hunter Biden came up in the middle of it isn't Trump's fault.

Pelosi's Assistant Connected Not Only to the Ukrainian Government and Military, but Also to Obama's Corrupt Ukrainian Ambassador and Alexandra Chalupa, the Woman Behind the Russia Collusion Hoax @JoeHoft 

Hillary Clinton's unregistered foreign agent from Ukraine, Alexandra Chalupa, had access to @StateDept servers 😮 

Alexandra Chalupa was the one organizing street resistance, keeping collusion fake news narrative alive, & spreading the evolving anti-Trump rumors; She was also THE Avenatti client who was going to “bring down Trump” 

Alexandra Chalupa, Ukrainian-American operative consulting for the DNC while meeting with officials at the Ukrainian Embassy in DC & spreading oppo research on Trump. She was feeding info to Isikoff of Yahoo. Same person Steele fed his info to.... 

Alexandra Chalupa worked w/ Biden's hand-picked Ukrainian prosecutor Sytnyk to leak the fake "black ledger" on Manafort to help Hillary. Soon after, the FBI subjected Manafort to FISA spying 

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