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Having thought about the feedback on this from @JenniferMerode @Cat_n_Bagpipes @SchamsEU @paulmcgrade and many others, June 2020 may well make more sense than end-2020.


I liked the symmetry of an extension ending when the transition period would have ended anyway, and at the end of the MFF period, but as they rightly point out, few would want a leaving UK to have a say in the MFF that would be in force after it left.

A final (FINAL) extension to June 2020 though would mean that final decisions on the MFF could be put off until after that, and there’d still be (just) enough time to get it in place.

If the UK finally decided to leave, it would not be part of that decision-making process. If UK decided finally to remain, it would rightly be part of the decision-making process for an MFF it would participate in.

Moreover, the other arguments for a final (FINAL) extension to end-2020 still largely apply to an extension to June 2020:
- Brexit still ‘parked’ by EU27 for 9 months
- Definite end-point
- Every outcome/route still allowed for
- Pushes psycho-drama & decisions back to London.

The only downside I see is that with an end-2020 extension, the warning signs for No Deal would be likely to be apparent with more notice, and so prep for it could be reactivated more time in advance.

Let’s be honest though. If EU27 grants a 3 month ext now, there’s every chance they’ll find themselves in a similar situation again in January. A GE with a hung Parliament means either a new extension for Labour to tweak the PD and hold a ref, or another minority Con Gov.

Better to push the whole thing back to London.

We’ve given you the time for elections, coalition/C&S agreements, referendums, whatever you want, but when the time’s up it’s up.

Get back to us when you’ve decided what you want, or see you on the flip-side in July.

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