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The conversation “can a president own a multinational business” has been left far behind, as has “can a president use his office to enrich himself?”

We’re on to “how blatant can it be?”

Failing to divest should have ended his presidency. That alone.

The fact that a president has to be THIS corrupt to even start the conversation about removing him—and that doing so is framed as controversial?

Think how corrupt the system, the party, the ideology, allowing it.

If we actually had meaningful checks in place to prevent corruption at the highest levels, I think we'd have seen those checks go into place when a man with high-rise luxury conflicts of interest located all over the planet took high office.

We didn't.

So we don't.

If we actually had a conservative party that cared about corruption and abuse by powerful wealthy white people, I think we'd have seen all those voters, and their elected officials, refusing to support such a man, rather than offering ridiculous excuses.

We didn't.

So we don't.

If we had a national media capable dedicated first to truth rather than protecting corporate interest, we'd see a coordinated message reporting corruption as it is, rather than whatever truth principled journalists are able to poke through the screen.

We haven't.

So we don't.

They can spin their kaleidoscopes of excuse, a new excuse with each turn of the million-faceted corruption that is Trump, excuses contradicting the previous excuses, questions designed to avoid speaking the answers.

The excuses don't matter

The act of excuse exposes the reality

The president owns a corporation with assets all over the globe.

He continues to run this business while president.

He uses the office to enrich the business every day.

He creates international incident that harm the country but benefit him.

None of this is up for debate.

Every second he remains in office, every second his party remains politically viable, every second we continue to entertain the worldview of its voting block, exposes us.

We're a country rigged for white power through force and theft.

Proof: We have no defense against it.

Trump does it in such a crude and obvious way it becomes undeniable, to the point that we know beyond doubt that those who fail to see it for what it is are lying.

Many dislike him, but not for his corruption. Every magician hates the magician who shows the audience the trick.

Trump's been made so soggy-brained by entitlement that not only does he know he can do whatever he wants, and not only does he think that's his moral right, but he resents even pretending it's otherwise.

Those who came before, those who will come after, are more subtle beasts.

Those of you like me who needed Trump to see the full extent of the trick ... never forget you've seen the trick.

The lies are that we have no connection to one another, that life must be earned, that profit equals morality, that violence redeems.

Reject them everywhere.

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