Seth Abramson @SethAbramson Attorney. @Newsweek columnist. NYT bestselling author of a book on Trump's Iran policy, Proof of Conspiracy (Macmillan, Professor. Oct. 21, 2019 1 min read

Just got back on Twitter after a few hours off to find that everyone is saying Mitt Romney follows me through a secret account... what?

Apparently it's connected to this SLATE article: 

So according to Twitter user @MapsMetta, "Here are 696 accounts that the alleged Romney burner [@qaws9876] follows" (captured, the poster claims, before the locking of the account). I can't vouch for this list but it's the only one available and was posted in the right timeframe:

The likelihood that Mitt Romney—one of the GOP Senators who will decide whether Trump stays in office—has read PROOF OF CONSPIRACY just went up by at least 5%

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