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I'm really hoping to spend more time with Pathologic 2 this week, because I don't think I've had a game playing on my mind quite as much as this one has been. It's simultaneously off-putting and repellent, yet so very compelling, I want to do more than just scratch the surface.

It's creepy in a way that I can't even describe because I have so little frame of reference for the kind of dread it inspires. It is upsetting to play. But I'm so early on that I can't quite form any real opinions on it other than "I can see why people bounced off it."

It feels like it asks a lot more from its audience than most games do, and that if you're not able or willing to put in the effort, if you can't put in the work for it, it's not going to be for you. And even if you can and you do put in the effort, you might hate it all the same.

I've said it's creepy and atmospheric, but it's really not that, as much as it is just gutturally, instinctually upsetting. It's a deeply bad time so far, and I am preoccupied with it.

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