Adam Singer @AdamSinger Grew @GoogleAnalytics into most popular analytics product globally. Prev advised: $SPLK $MKTO @Eloqua @PRSA @Cision. 🎶 composer. 🐕 @dashthedingo. Investor. Oct. 21, 2019 1 min read

Talking to recruiters today they want to go over opportunities with me. But have committed to nothing yet, so if you want to be first co in America to hire a CMO who actually understands ad tech & analytics (and worked both on software & client side) ping me. Ready to do this.

Sorry if that was provocative about CMOs in corp America. Of course they aren't all incompetent. But stories I could tell you of persuading some of largest brands (you've all heard them) that they should invest in the internet would blow your mind. I'd say ~90% are not qualified.

Anyway. Nothing but time here so if world wants me to sit on sidelines, we'll just do that for a bit. Someone recognized my dog at the park again yest. If no one needs marketing help maybe I'll turn @dashthedingo into a dog influencer & see if @Chewy will sponsor our lives.

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