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"If you build it, they will come."

Put a pin in that phrase for a moment, we'll come back to it. But right now @InnuendoStudios has created this masterwork of a video essay, and you should watch it. Immediately.

In the video, he broaches the topic of deradicalisation, and touches on something extremely important. Namely, that focusing on that deradicalisation as praxis is spending more effort welcoming bigots into our spaces than welcoming the people they're bigoted against.

Now, I've had quite a few people who told me that I've helped get them out of the whole reactionary thing, I've even had a number of former TERFs reach out to me saying the same. (In fact, everything in the video relates to how TERFs operate too; eg keeping dox on their own.)

But none of that was intended. Any deradicalisation that I may have done has been incidental. That's not to say I'm not happy about, on the contrary, I am absolutely glad to have been helpful to anyone stepping away from the alt-right. It's just that I just don't seek to do so.

What I do however explicitly seek to do, is to be a voice within gaming and nerdy circles who is inclusive of LGBT folks, someone who is providing something that is overtly geared towards marginalised identities, and not something that is hostile to them.

That's what I strive to do with my streaming, and why I'm putting so much effort into being a steamer. I want my channel to be somewhere LGBT folks can come and chill and enjoy the gaming, without having to face typical slur-flinging aggressive gamer bro shazbot. A community.

And that is often enough. Make those communities, carve out those spaces for you and yours, and folks who are stepping away from the alt-right will come of their own volition, you don't need to seek them out.

"If you build it, they will come."

And eh, just one more thing...

One of the reasons I'm skeptical about deradicalisation as praxis is, okay so you've gotten somebody out, then what? Where does the newly deradicalized person go once they've been separated from a toxic, harmful community?

Reactionaries spend an awful lot of time planting flags in so many nerdy communities, claiming them as their own, and driving home the idea that those spaces are for them and them, so much so that we kinda don't question it. Yet that really isn't really true.

One of the biggest takeaways I've had from the hbubz dunkey krang steam is that there's absolutely loads of people who were just waiting for exactly that sort of community, and loads of people in gaming ready to throw their support behind trans folks! 

I owe a huge part of my audience to Hbomb, I gained like 20,000 of my followers this year alone and it was all down to being involved in that livestream, just from being included.

That's something I'm trying to do for others, that's where my praxis is at.

I've been trying my best to lift up smaller trans streamers and content creators, to use my platform to promote them and boost their voices. First and foremost I'm trying to build a community for LGBT folks, and that to me, is the most valuable thing I can do.

I've said before that people have been incredibly kind to me, have helped me out greatly, and I'm striving to pay that forward.

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